Warracknabeal is a town in the Wimmera region situated on the Yarriambiack Creek  with a permanent population of about 2400.
The Warracknabeal Cemetery is located in Cemetery Road on the outskirts of the town and is managed by the Warracknabeal Cemetery Trust.
The Registry of the Cemetery was commenced on 25th May 1875 with the burial of a stillborn child with the surname of Mitchell.
The first burial in the lawn cemetery was Neil Alexander McQuinn on 1st August 1969.
The Niche wall was built in the 1970s
A Remembrance Wall was built in 2013, a place for plaques with names of people who have lived/ have connections in Warracknabeal but are not actually interred at the Warracknabeal Cemetery.

The Gates

The two main Gates have the following information on them:

First gate

“1867 Dedicated to the glory of God. In grateful memory of friends and pioneers who served this district during 100 years of progress” and “1967 These gates were erected by Mr and Mrs G.J. Crerar  to commemorate the centenary of Warracknabeal and in appreciation of the work of the Lions.”

Second gate

“2001 International Year of volunteers. In grateful appreciation of work done by volunteer Cemetery Trust Members and all volunteers in the community” and “In appreciation for 40years of service by the local Lions Club 1965 – 2005”

More Information

Warracknabeal Cemetery Trust

Are you tracing your family history or would like more information about the Warracknabeal Cemetery, please contact:

Warracknabeal Cemetery Trust

PO Box 62, Warracknabeal Victoria 3393

Judi Armstrong (Secretary of the Cemetery Trust) 0431 111 924

Warracknabeal Historical Society

Old minutes and records are kept in a vault at the Historical Centre. For further information contact the Historical Centre

81 Scott Street Warracknabeal
Phone (03) 53982371 or (03) 53982185

Open 2pm - 4pm daily